Get Your Fair Share (of Cigarettes)

March 5, 2012 in BottomPage

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By Fred Kelley

What drives the feeding frenzy each Christmas season? What makes
one or two toys the must-have, hot item, like this year’s Furby?
Of course most hot products have some innate value, creating
initial demand. But what drives people to pay hundreds of
dollars for a furry toy, or a child’s doll? Often the cause is
limited supply.

When you can’t have something, you often want it even more.

Just about all advertising encourages you to “buy now” because
“supplies are limited.” For most products, the company selling
the product can easily get or make more. For Furbies, demand
exceeded supply, causing fights in stores, and “scalping” of the
toy at ridiculously high prices.

So what’s all this got to do with quitting smoking?

Glad you asked.

Did you get your fair share of cigarettes today? What drives
many people to smoke or drink heavily or overeat is a sense that
you’ve got to get what you can now, before it’s all gone.

For example, remember the last time you had some good cookies or
candy in your home? I’ll bet that if you live with other people
you felt some sense of urgency to get your “fair share” of the
cookies or candy. As the supply of goodies dwindled did you find
yourself getting one or two, more often? Before you knew it,
they were all gone, and you probably felt like you didn’t get an
equal share.

This is a simple generalization, not meant to convict you, but
to demonstrate basic human nature. We all feel compelled to get
our “fair share” before it is taken away by someone else. Each
of us feels a basic desire to make sure our needs are met,

Now imagine this: Suddenly a million cookies appear in your
kitchen–all just as delicious as the ones you had in limited
supply earlier. Suddenly, your appetite disappears, and you
don’t feel a need to “fight” over the cookies. Heck, they’ll be
here for 10,000 years! They’ll rot before you can eat them all.

I bet you don’t feel like eating a single cookie now, do you?

Here’s the subtle, but important point I’m trying to make:
Cigarettes are plentiful! The supply is nearly limitless. You
can have as many cigarettes as you want. The cigarette
manufacturers will be happy to make as many as you need. In
fact, according to The World Health Organization, the annual
consumption of cigarettes during the years 1990-1992 was
6,050,000,000,000 (give or take a few billion)!!

Whether it is subconscious or not, you probably feel like you
can’t get your fair share of cigarettes. What happens when you
get down to the last cigarette in the pack, and you have no more
packs left? Do you panic? Do you drive 10 miles out of your way
in the driving snow to get another pack? I bet you have a story
to tell about your “search and destroy mission” to get more

When you need a smoke, but can’t find one, the fact that you are
without cigarettes can consume all your thoughts and actions.
However, if you know you’ve got a few packs or cartons stashed
away, you don’t even think about it. Just knowing more are
within easy reach lets you relax and go about your business.

The next time you find yourself looking at an empty pack, just
relax! And remember: There are still trillions of cigarettes

If you have made up your mind to quit and are now facing huge
cravings, just remember there are probably millions of
cigarettes within 10 miles of you. You can have your fair share
if you want, but who wants to smoke when you’ve got cookies

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