Going Cold Turkey

February 26, 2012 in Quitting Methods

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Many people have tried to quit smoking by going cold turkey. Some have succeeded with this method. Quitting smoking by going cold turkey can be dangerous and we want to express your need for diligence in regards to your health.

Do you realize that it takes around twelve hours for the oxygen in your blood to increase and the poisonous carbon monoxide level to return to normal. Twenty four hours into quitting smoking by going cold turkey your anxiety is going to spike. You will be irritable for quite some time now, maybe as long as two weeks. Learn to realize, avoid confrontation and step back when you need to. Welcome to day one of quitting smoking cold turkey.

Your next major hurdle is going to be dealing with staying quit. Your going to face the classic withdrawal symptoms. Three days into going cold turkey you are nicotine free. You body has now broken down the nicotine and almost all of the metabolites that are produced by smoking. Guess what you are over the peak. You will be feeling better by day three.

Now you need to avoid the cues. The things that you see or do that make you want to smoke again. This is the habit but remember you are over the hump. You will have many episodes where you think you want to start smoking again. These episodes will come and go but they will not last long and they will become farther and fewer in between. Don’t give in this is not the addiction phase, this is the habit.

After two weeks your irritable nature should have subsided. Take a friend to lunch and celebrate the money you have been saving by quitting smoking. You are well on your way to staying quit. In three months your heart will be back in good shape and you may feel and look years younger.

After you read all these benefits to quitting smoking and the time it takes to get healthy you should want to quit right now. You need to pick that moment and quit, plain and simple right? Quitting smoking by going cold turkey is a time honored tradition but it is far from an easy path. Research suggests that fewer than five percent of people who quit smoking by quitting cold turkey are successful. It makes sense if you are smoking less than ten cigarettes a day. Due to the low success rate it is not a method that is generally recommended by doctors. More success can be seen with gradually slowing the number of cigarettes smoked per day, the use of gums, patches or other medications and counseling and group therapy.

There are many ways to quit smoking and going cold turkey is perhaps the toughest method. Don’t wait for bad news from your doctor to prompt the attempt. Do it now. Find a way to quit smoking. Slow down or go cold turkey, you need to quit smoking now.

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