Stop Smoking: Not Another Stop Smoking Sermon This

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

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Stop Smoking: Not Another Stop Smoking Sermon This….…With a smoke in my hand, I felt like a man…But the smoke in my hand made me a dead man…..- Anonymous.Before you click away from this page and declare that I am just another “aunt agony” who is going to talk you to stop smoking…RECONSIDER…I am not here to save you or the world (let’s leave that to atlas). Smoking is as old as mankind itself, so go the talks on stop smoking. Then with the naissance of safety matches and mass production of tobacco, smoking got more popular and accessible to the novices and addicted equally.Majority of them try out smoking for the sake of it, or out of mere peer pressure or out of curiosity and this sows the dirty seed in their life…in spite of being aware of it’s addictive and sometimes parasitic nature. They only fight their conscious and reason out a way not to stop smoking that one time. Each time one tries to pledge not to slip it in between the fingers-like every other, the eight inches pipe looks more innocent and inviting and for once, they give in.The sheer thrill of holding it with more panache with every new one makes one feel ‘cool’ (we still need a vivid definition for it). It is like you have tamed the fire to be a mere toying in your hand; the thrill of the smoke oozing out of the system is as special as your first kiss (especially if you manage to do it without coughing in your first drag). It is a victorious feeling that is unparalleled to any feat. And in the process you do not really care for the air around or the lungs or whatever that really burns up!Our pious pledge to stop smoking crumbles into the trash and we formulate a new philosophy to suit our changing needs. It is our best buddy in time of need – no back biting, better than the girlfriends (as it comes sans rules and tantrums), a stress buster and a reliable social companion. But what does not hit the head is that one should not always consider me, myself and I alone…other people need to be given a thought too…what’s more harmful is the secondary smoke that passes the people around pushing venomous gas into their nostrils without a choice …well did I mention too often that you must stop smoking?For more information visit: SmokeDeter

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