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Going Cold Turkey

February 26, 2012 in Quitting Methods

Many people have tried to quit smoking by going cold turkey. Some have succeeded with this method. Quitting smoking by going cold turkey can be dangerous and we want to express your need for diligence in regards to your health.

Do you realize that it takes around twelve hours for the oxygen in your blood to increase and the poisonous carbon monoxide level to return to normal. Twenty four hours into quitting smoking by going cold turkey your anxiety is going to spike. You will be irritable for quite some time now, maybe as long as two weeks. Learn to realize, avoid confrontation and step back when you need to. Welcome to day one of quitting smoking cold turkey.

Your next major hurdle is going to be dealing with staying quit. Your going to face the classic withdrawal symptoms. Three days into going cold turkey you are nicotine free. You body has now broken down the nicotine and almost all of the metabolites that are produced by smoking. Guess what you are over the peak. You will be feeling better by day three.

Now you need to avoid the cues. The things that you see or do that make you want to smoke again. This is the habit but remember you are over the hump. You will have many episodes where you think you want to start smoking again. These episodes will come and go but they will not last long and they will become farther and fewer in between. Don’t give in this is not the addiction phase, this is the habit.

After two weeks your irritable nature should have subsided. Take a friend to lunch and celebrate the money you have been saving by quitting smoking. You are well on your way to staying quit. In three months your heart will be back in good shape and you may feel and look years younger.

After you read all these benefits to quitting smoking and the time it takes to get healthy you should want to quit right now. You need to pick that moment and quit, plain and simple right? Quitting smoking by going cold turkey is a time honored tradition but it is far from an easy path. Research suggests that fewer than five percent of people who quit smoking by quitting cold turkey are successful. It makes sense if you are smoking less than ten cigarettes a day. Due to the low success rate it is not a method that is generally recommended by doctors. More success can be seen with gradually slowing the number of cigarettes smoked per day, the use of gums, patches or other medications and counseling and group therapy.

There are many ways to quit smoking and going cold turkey is perhaps the toughest method. Don’t wait for bad news from your doctor to prompt the attempt. Do it now. Find a way to quit smoking. Slow down or go cold turkey, you need to quit smoking now.

Why Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

Nicotine is the source of the addiction of smokers. Smokers definitely find if very hard to quit this bad habit because nicotine is incredibly an addictive drug. To others it is as hooking as heroin and cocaine. It takes a lot of trial to finally stop smoking. Quitting would take a lot of hard work and effort.What are the good benefits of quitting? Being able to start now is the best decision that you will do for yourself. You will have the chance to live a healthy and longer life. Quitting will decrease the opportunity of diseases to hit you like heart attack, cancer or stroke. Pregnant women should start quitting for the chance of having a vigorous baby. Your relatives and your children that are you live with will be in good health. Rather spending your cash on availing cigarettes you will have the funds to spend it with other useful things.There are 5 ways to start quitting and these will help in quitting for good. First, you need to get ready. Then you need the support of family and friends. You should learn new talent and activities. Then you should seek help from physician to give you medications and don’t abuse it. And last is to be ready for setback or difficult instances.With getting ready, you have to plan your quit date, and you definitely need a change of environment. This means to remove every cigarette and ashtrays wherever you are. And you shouldn’t permit anyone to smoke at your house. Choose the people around you that will be helpful in encouraging you to quit smoking. Tell the people around you to not let you smoke and to avoid smoking too. Learn new ways to distract yourself from the cravings of smoking. Try to do something to relieve you from stress. Reading a book, hot bath and exercise will do. Take a lot amount of fluid. When you are in medication to help you quit smoking you should use it properly. The approved medications to help you stop smoking are Nicocure available at, nicotine inhaler, nasal sprays and patches which can be availed by prescription and over the counter products like nicotine gums.For more information visit: SmokeDeter

Where Do You Turn To When You Need Help To Quit Smoking

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

Where Do Your Turn To When You Need Help To Quit Smoking?Smoking is an addiction and as any addiction it requires a lot of help and perseverance to get rid of it. The success rate of the quit smoking exercise very much depends on two major factors – (i) what you use as aids to quit smoking, and (ii) where from you get help to quit smoking.Quit Smoking AidsMany people believe that the quit smoking process is not as difficult as it sounds. They are right – it is actually much more difficult than it is made out to be. Unlike addiction to alcohol, with cigarettes you are tempted back at every step you go by those who still smoke. The quit smoking aids smooth out the path for you and thus provide you with adequate help to quit smoking when you need it most. Educate yourself about the quit smoking aids that are available and research on the pros and cons they offer. Some aspects you need to learn about are:1. Rate of efficacy – the rate of its effectiveness would directly impact the rate of success of the quit smoking process. Choose one that has proved itself to be most efficient.2. Availability – the quit smoking aid you choose should be easily available and accessible. It should not be that you start using it and then it disappears from the market and leaves you in a lurch.Sources For Help To Quit SmokingThere are many sources for help to quit smoking, just as there are aids. Here you do not need to choose. Rather you need to gather as much of it as you can. Some great sources for help to quit smoking are described below:1. Family and close friends – get your family and friends help you in your quit smoking endeavor. They live in your close proximity and hence they would be the best people to police you and ensure that you do not give into temptation to cheat on the quit smoking program. The initial days are critical to the success of kicking the habit.2. Education – this is a great motivator to stay on track. You need to educate yourself on the harm that smoking causes you and your dear ones. Passive smoking is one of leading factors of a host of respiratory problems in children. Whatever you are reading and learning can happen to you as well – lung cancer, heart attack, strokes, and so on. Smoking kills. Believe this truth.For more information visit: SmokeDeter

What Is The Best Way To Quit Smoking

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

What Is The Best Way To Quit Smoking?The moment you decide that smoking is no more your cup of tea, the first thing you would search for would be the best way to quit smoking. How do you find what this best way to quit smoking is? Does it really exist or is this only a myth? Finding The Right AnswerIn order to find the right answer, you would need to ask the right questions. Here, you are asking the wrong questions and therefore you would never get what you seek. The question you should ask is, ‘Is this the right thing to search for?’. This is because the best way to quit smoking is a relative term – ‘one man’s poison can be another man’s nectar’. The best cannot be ‘best’ for everyone. Hence, you need to find out what is your individual best way to quit smoking. There is a great difference between searching the best way in general and the best way for yourself. Know The DifferenceWhen you look for the best way in general – you would look at the following factors:1. Market response – this would tell you how the product/ service is treated by the market. Its popularity and demand would be good indicators of whether it considered the best or not.2. Cost – the best way to quit smoking would be cost efficient. There are many methods that involve a lot of expense. Since this is not a medical condition covered by insurance, the cost factor is important.3. High rate of success – the best way to quit smoking should have a very high rate of success. After all, you are undertaking a lot of trouble to see that you stop smoking and your efforts should be fruitful. Drawing parallel lines check out what the best way to quit smoking should mean to you personally:1. Your response – how comfortable you are with the method? Do you hate needles – then acupuncture (however effective) cannot be your best way to quit smoking. Here, your personal preference takes precedence over what the market in general thinks about the particular method.2. Cost – some people feel that the right cost is when you get value for your money. Hence, if you pay US $10 for something that is actually valued at US $1 you the product or service is expensive and vice-versa. This applies to emotional cost as well. Therefore, what some people would find expensive, other would find acceptable. 3. Rate of success – the best way to quit smoking is the one that would give you the best chance to succeed. This would depend on what you find suitable enough to follow and stick to.For more information visit: SmokeDeter

The Easy Way to Quit Smoking Is Not Always the Most Obvious One

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

The Easy Way to Quit Smoking Is Not Always the Most Obvious OneSmoking is a habit that is very hard to get rid off – mostly because it is easy to get back to. It does not matter that you managed to abstain from smoking for six long months – and you think you are over it – if you give in to the impulse when a friend offers you a puff, you are hooked right back. It just takes one cigarette to have you back in the habit.Is There An Easy Way To Quit Smoking That Is Permanent As Well? First of all, let us get a few facts straight. Quitting smoking is never permanent – unless you are dead. As long as you live, you would always be one cigarette away from going back to your addiction. This is a truth you need to keep firmly on the top of your mind. You can never give in to that offer for one puff.Secondly, there is no easy way to quit smoking. This process is long, painful and very demanding both on your patience and health. You need to be prepared for a fight – a good fight – to get rid of he habit and you would need all the support you can get for it. Finding the Easy Way to Quit Smoking Depends On The Support You GetThe process can be less stressful to you if you have the right support. Enlist the help of your family and close friends as well as professional counselors and medical practitioners. Without their help beating the habit would be not only difficult, but also very cumbersome. 1. Family’s role – they would watch out to prevent you giving in to the temptation to smoke “only once more before I quit”. They would also keep your spirits and motivation high. 2. Close friends – in the early stages it is very difficult to fight off the temptation to get back to smoking. You need your friends to know you are trying to quit so they would not smoke in front of you and warn others (in the office, at parties, etc) not to do so either so your chances to kick the habit stay high.3. Professional counselors – you need to internalize what the process involves and what are the things you should expect during your fight against the habit. Knowledge is power here – power to handle the crisis.4. Doctors – you might need medication; or the medication might have side effects. Have a doctor on your team for help and guidance.Combine all these and you get your easy way to quit smoking right at your finger tips.For more information visit: SmokeDeter

Research Your Quit Smoking Aids Well

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

Research Your Quit Smoking Aids Well – Your Success Depends On Your ChoiceMillions die of smoking-induced lung cancer and heart problems every year. At the same time, millions try to get rid of the habit every year with varied degrees of success. A lot of this success or failure is owed to the type of quit smoking aids chosen.What Are The Choices You Have?Since the dependency on nicotine is difficult to fight, you need to have all the support you can get; and in order to get the best support, you need to know what is available for you. Therefore, before you start your quit smoking exercise, check out what is available to you.1. The nicotine patch – this is one of the popular quit smoking aids because it is easy to use and quite effective in fighting off the habit. People love to use this method because it means that they do not have to worry about taking medication or withdrawal symptoms.2. The nicotine gum – this has the same ingredients as the nicotine patch but it is used differently. While the nicotine patch is pasted on the skin and left to work at its own pace, the nicotine gum is used as and when the craving for cigarette is felt. This works in two ways – (i) it reduces the dependency on the nicotine, and (ii) it replaces the cigarette smoking habit with that of chewing which some people find very helpful and calming.3. The stop-smoking tea – this is one of the popular natural quit smoking aids available in the market. Its popularity is owed to its fast action and lack of side effects. There are cases where the smoker could get rid of his/ her habit within a week with the stop-smoking tea. The tea has one hundred percent herbal ingredients and is comparatively low in cost.4. The nicotine-free cigarettes – this looks and even smells like the real cigarettes. However, they contain no nicotine. These quit smoking aids are best for the people who are highly addicted to the habit and have associated smoking with bowel movements and/ or sleep. This type of aid would need to be supplemented by medication that fights the ensuing withdrawal symptoms.5. Counseling – this is one of the most critical quit smoking aids that most smokers ignore. In order to be successful you would need to know what you should expect when you stop smoking. What are the withdrawal symptoms? How best to handle these? What are the medications available? How long does it take to get rid of the habit? These are only some of the questions that counseling would provide.For more information visit: SmokeDeter

Quit Smoking Support – How Necessary It Is?

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

Quit Smoking Support – How Necessary It Is?Smoking is highly addictive and once it becomes a habit it is very difficult to get rid of for a number of reasons. Quit smoking support usually acts as a back up system that ensures that the smokers have the most conducive atmosphere possible for getting rid of the habit. What Does Quit Smoking Support Do For You?Actually, the rate of success that smokers meet with when deciding to kick off the habit very much depends upon the quality of quit smoking support they receive.1. Family members – the first and the most intense quit smoking support comes from your immediate family such as your spouse, siblings, parents, etc. Once you make your decision known, they would rally to help you stay focused. Their support inside the home and outside is often critical to your success.2. Professional counseling – this is another very important quit smoking support that helps you understand the process and advises how to fight some of the worst withdrawal symptoms. Most people hate the withdrawal symptoms so much that they rather choose to continue smoking than to continue experiencing them. The counseling inputs would prepare you mentally for this and thus increase your ability to recognize and fight it.3. Quit smoking aids – it is possible to quit smoking cold turkey and many people do just that. However, for this method you need to have nerves of steel and an even stronger will power. Why not use some of the excellent quit smoking aids as your quit smoking support. This would help reduce the withdrawal symptoms, while at the same time prevent the craving for nicotine.4. Plan B – a good strategist would always have a stand-by plan – just in case the original plan fails. Here, you could take the example of the popular adage, ‘Use a thief to catch a thief’. Just so, you could have something else to substitute your addiction to smoking; something that is not harmful to your health – such as chewing gum, no-nicotine cigarettes, peppermint mouth fresheners, clove, cardamom, etc. This quit smoking support can reduce the urge to reach out for a cigarette and ensure your success in beating the habit.5. Medication – another very important quit smoking support is the medication you may need to ward off and/ or prevent some of the more unpleasant side effects of the exercise. Consult with your family doctor before you start the quit smoking process so you would have the prescribed medicines ready when you need them.For more information visit: SmokeDeter

Quit Smoking Pill – An Effective Way To Reach Your Goal

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

Quit Smoking Pill – An Effective Way To Reach Your GoalThere are many, many ways out there that would help you in your fight against the habit of smoking. Each method has its own plus and minus points and the success of your endeavor will always depend on your ability to find the method that suits your requirements best. Among the well-received aids available today is the quit smoking pill. Why Is The Quit Smoking Pill So Popular?The popularity of the quit smoking pill is mostly owed to the perception of the people that it offers a short cut to a difficult and troublesome trip. In this case all they have to do to ensure that they drop the habit is pop some pills in their mouth every day. Most people like this simple approach; more so when the method is indeed effective.How Does The Quit Smoking Pill Work?This method attacks the most important of all aspects of the quit smoking process, i.e. the withdrawal symptoms. Reports say that the reason why there are so many failures in taking the process to its logical end is that people cannot withstand the withdrawal symptoms and they are not prepared for it. The quit smoking pill negates the withdrawal effects and at the same time simulates the same feeling that the smoker would experience when they smoke. This dual effect ensures that the person stays committed to their goal for as long as it is needed to kick off the habit completely.Though the quit smoking pill does not have any particular side effects, it is highly recommended that you consult and inform a doctor when you are using it. While it fights the more dangerous and troublesome withdrawal symptoms, it sometimes causes sleeplessness. This is not serious and would disappear without any outside intervention in the course of two-three days. In the meantime, the other symptoms would be gradually reduced to tolerable levels improving the success rate with every day that passes.Beware Of Contraindications Of The Quit Smoking Pill As with any medication, this pill too has some contraindications. This is why it is best that you consult a doctor before and during the treatment. The drug is not suitable for people suffering from the following problems – respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, asthma, etc and eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. There are also some medications that would interfere with its efficacy.For more information visit: SmokeDeter

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Therapy – How Efficient It Is

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Therapy – How Efficient It IsMany are of the opinion that hypnosis is a good way to help you quit smoking. On the other hand, there are a good number of people who are skeptical about the effectiveness of this as a sole therapy against the habit of smoking. What is the truth?The Truth about Quit Smoking Hypnosis TherapyThe results from the quit smoking hypnosis therapy depend upon two major factors – (i) your own mental and physical condition, and (ii) the experience and expertise of the hypnotist. Both of these factors would heavily influence the outcome. 1. Your own condition – some people are easily hypnotized, while some people are resistant to it. Those who respond quickly are those who can benefit most out of the quit smoking hypnosis therapy. This is because they would be more receptive to it than those who are not easily hypnotized. You need to find out to which of the groups you belong before choosing this method.2. The experience of the hypnotist – best qualifications do not always mean that the professional is the best. What makes the professional good (and best) is the experience – and the expertise he/ she gains through it. Some hypnotists are better than others because they have more experience and are better prepared for any eventuality or hiccup in the therapy. Choose the professional who has the highest reputation in your particular field of interest, i.e. quit smoking hypnosis therapy.Combining Methods to Ensure SuccessAs soon as you leave cigarettes you would experience withdrawal symptoms the degrees of which would vary according to the level of your addiction and nicotine dependency. Some of the withdrawal symptoms might cause depression, sleeplessness, sudden urges to gorge on food, etc. Having the family support you during this time is crucial to your success. It would e a good idea to have a back-up plan and combine the quit smoking hypnosis therapy with adequate medication and support. In this way, even if the quit smoking hypnosis therapy is not one hundred percent successful you would still be able to beat the habit with the help of the other methods and the support you are enlisting.Remember, there is no foolproof method to quit smoking available yet. In order to succeed it would be a good thing to combine a few compatible methods so that one would back the other and increase your chances for success.For more information visit: SmokeDeter

Quit Smoking Free: What is The Important KEY?

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

If you are one of these people, and is wondering “what is the success rate of using top smoking medications, or getting involved into a quit smoking program?” well it would not be right to give an exact answer. First of all, programs have different techniques on how they would treat their patients and not all of them allow you to quit smoking free. So how does the patient define success? When the patient stops craving for the stick? When the patient stops smoking? Is reducing the dosage a success?Although there are those programs which require you to pay at least a hundred dollars for the session, there are many online free quit smoking programs available. The government also started in getting involved in this fast rising dilemma. So they are also starting programs to help people who want to quit smoking. If you try to look for a free quit smoking program online, the results would be countless; So money is not much of a concern now when it comes to a quit smoking program. Your own success on quitting still has to come from yourself.It is very much evident that having therapists for supportive and behavioral aspects does increase the success rate a lot. Some free quit smoking programs may also have a free telephone line for counseling, so you might want to try those programs out.It does not need to be all about the program. Decide to quit smoking first, and you must mean it. Setting a date on your quitting plan should be organized in a way. Also check with your free quit smoking program about the symptoms of the withdrawal and maintaining your decision to stop quitting. People who smoke are not unaware of the health risks that smoking gives to humans. It is just that most people tend to belittle and even ignore these huge risks. It is scientifically proven that people who smoke for years are significantly less healthy and are prone to more diseases, even when they do quit using the stick eventually.For more information visit: SmokeDeter