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Helping Someone Else To Stop Smoking

March 11, 2012 in BottomPage

By Roseanna Leaton

How do you go about helping someone else to do something which they deep down aren’t sure that they want to do and they firmly believe that it will be difficult? Most smokers who are contemplating stopping look upon this task about as favorably as having their leg chopped off; they dread it.

Smokers worry about putting on weight, getting ratty and frustrated and wonder how on earth they are going to cope. Now, if you are the person who is their close partner, the person who loves them, it’s quite likely that you would want them to stop smoking. You’ve read all of the literature about what smoking does to your health, the increased chance of cancer, heart disease and early demise, and you just don’t want any of that to happen to them.

How does this make you feel? If you are a smoker too, you are in a similar boat and you can appreciate the ambivalent feelings one experiences about quitting smoking. But you also have to know that no matter how much you encourage them to stop, or set an example and stop first, or try to make a pact to stop smoking together, you have to realize that they have to WANT to stop too. If you smoke as well, or have smoked in the past, they will at least feel that you understand what is going on in their mind.

If, on the other hand you are a non-smoker, they will not think that you understand at all. They almost see you as the “enemy”; one of those people out there who keep telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. How can you help the person you love to stop smoking when they act as if you are on the opposite side of a line firing at them? The answer is quite simple – don’t fire at them. Stop telling them what to do. They will do it when they are ready.

I was chatting with a friend who was in just this situation. His fiancée had said that she wanted to stop smoking and was going to finally quit after 20 years. He had smoked when he was younger but only for a year before his interest in sport made him stop as he needed to have the benefit of 100% lung capacity, unimpeded by chemical inhalation. He hates the smell of smoke but most of all he wanted his fiancée to be healthy and well.

He hadn’t TOLD her to stop, but he had made it very clear that he would LIKE her to stop. Well, that’s what he thought! She didn’t FEEL that it was like that – her logical mind knew that he hadn’t issued an ultimatum, but she still FELT that he was “firing at her” in many of the comments that he made. He thought he was helping when he made a point of expressing disgust at cigarette smells and so on. But every one of those little comments, which he meant to be encouraging, was triggering an ever increasing defensive reaction in her.

And what happens when you feel super defensive? You snap and fire back – she started sneaking out of the back door and smoking again. And so the question remains about what he could have done to help which was more effective? What she needed was to feel that he was on her side, not the enemy.

How could he go about this? What he started to do was to completely stop commenting about smoking at all. No more comments; no more making her know that he knew she was sneaking out of the back door trying to hide a quick cigarette. Yes, he knew she was doing that, but he started to pretend that he didn’t know. Instead, he gave her loads of hugs and cuddles and told her how thankful he was that she was trying so hard to stop…that she had done so well in stopping smoking.

Can you see the difference? He was making her feel good. He was subtlety rewarding her and reinforcing the times she went without cigarettes. He was making her see that he was really happy with her, which also made it harder for her to “let him down”. He wasn’t telling her what to do – he wasn’t firing at her; he was her friend and lover. And she stopped sneaking out to grab a quick cigarette.

The only way in which you can help someone to stop smoking is to make them feel that you are with them; that you are on their side. You can encourage them to see and feel the benefits in quitting, and this makes it easier for them. Punishing them for smoking and expressing disgust doesn’t work.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in stop smoking hypnosis downloads to help you feel that this is what you want to do and to make the process of stopping smoking a whole lot easier.

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Why Should You Stop Smoking Cigarette

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

A loser once said ‘To stop smoking cigarette is not difficult; I have done it several times!’ Facts – The cigarette is actually a carefully designed product and designed in such a way as to make the smoking process as palatable as possible. Also, the tobacco leaf part of the cigarette is actually composed of two main leaf types, one which has higher nicotine content than the other. These are therefore basically very tricky ways so the cigarette can have a magnet-like effect on you, the steel smoker. It thus proves that you are only wise to stop smoking cigarette. Even though volumes of literature are available on how and why to stop smoking cigarette seems like it still never inspires enough. It is alarming that the world has tobacco as the third reason for highest number of deaths! An estimated one in every five deaths in the world occurs due to tobacco use. The good news is however slowly coming in majority of developed countries, health and beauty consciousness is pushing people to give up the dreadful practice.Smoking is the single biggest avoidable menace to good health. It causes infertility and impotence besides narrowing and hardening arteries. The impish act is also responsible for paralytic stroke, brain haemorrhage, angina, heart attack, chronic bronchitis, ulcers, cancer, etc. Nicotine is a drug that is present naturally in the tobacco leaf. In higher doses, nicotine like any other addictive drugs including heroin and cocaine is a recipe to kill. Nicotine has a powerful effect on the brain and the central nervous system. It causes an increase in the heart rate and in the rate of breathing – thereby making the heart work harder. Smoking is killing more people every year than all other drugs and alcohol habits combined.Non-smokers who are exposed to smoke suffer more than the smokers themselves because of passive smoking. The spreading of this fact is partially helping by forcing smokers to stop smoking cigarette among crowds or gatherings. Nicotine is a harmful drug that takes you high and then drops you flat. It makes you want more. It gets you hooked. Then you get into real trouble. Trouble such as it makes the brain tissues sluggish, dull, numb and inactive making the person incompetent for brain work. Finally, there can be no more affirmative ways of explaining the reasons for anyone to stop smoking cigarette.For more information visit: SmokeDeter

The Mother of All Stop Smoking Programs – YOGA!

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

Yes, it is not exaggerating to say that the boss of all stop smoking programs is the Indian origin practice of bodily postures – a set of which together is popularly known as ‘Yoga’. Its relevance to every aspect in a common man’s life and its effectiveness in gifting the doer what he started it for has rolled in plenty of people from all around the globe into it. And the ball is rolling and only getting bigger by day. There will also be a yoga instruction centre in your city if you find the right way to find it. You will be told over there, first thing, that Yoga, when followed regularly and in the right way, is the most rewarding stop smoking program. It works above and over all stop smoking medications, stop smoking aids, stop smoking hypnosis, stop smoking pills and stop smoking drugs!And the good news is that you, looking frantically for a stop smoking program, need not learn by rote the hundreds of postures (known as Aasanas in Sanskrit language) to just quit this one deadly consumption. There exists in Yoga, a particular set of Aasana, called the Pranayama, only learning and practising which suffices. The results of this miraculous science are best reaped when practised early in the morning (even before sunrise if possible) after brushing the teeth and having a glass of water. However, they can be performed whenever an urge becomes stronger. Two types of pranayamas exist and are listed below. They can all be comfortably practised at home if you do not wish to attend classes. Perform them one after the other, slowly in the beginning then picking up pace as days pile up.Kapalabhati: Sit in a meditative pose and keep the spine, neck and head straight. Close the eyes and keep the palms resting on the knees. Then, while exhaling contract the abdominal muscles sharply, raising the diaphragm and forcing the air out of the lungs. Inhalation should be passive and silent, while exhalation forceful, brief and audible. Gradually increase the speed. Return to normal position slowly. Bhastrika: This is the climax part of the stop smoking program. Squat on the floor, straighten the back and close the eyes. Close the right nostril with the right thumb and exhale. Immediately inhale through the left nostril. Then close the left nostril, exhale and inhale through the right. Repeat alternatively, and slowly return to initial speed.The above are not only useful as effective stop smoking program, but have been scientifically proven for curing several diseases like bronchitis, tension, depression, insomnia and high blood pressure.For more information visit: SmokeDeter

Stop Smoking: Not Another Stop Smoking Sermon This

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

Stop Smoking: Not Another Stop Smoking Sermon This….…With a smoke in my hand, I felt like a man…But the smoke in my hand made me a dead man…..- Anonymous.Before you click away from this page and declare that I am just another “aunt agony” who is going to talk you to stop smoking…RECONSIDER…I am not here to save you or the world (let’s leave that to atlas). Smoking is as old as mankind itself, so go the talks on stop smoking. Then with the naissance of safety matches and mass production of tobacco, smoking got more popular and accessible to the novices and addicted equally.Majority of them try out smoking for the sake of it, or out of mere peer pressure or out of curiosity and this sows the dirty seed in their life…in spite of being aware of it’s addictive and sometimes parasitic nature. They only fight their conscious and reason out a way not to stop smoking that one time. Each time one tries to pledge not to slip it in between the fingers-like every other, the eight inches pipe looks more innocent and inviting and for once, they give in.The sheer thrill of holding it with more panache with every new one makes one feel ‘cool’ (we still need a vivid definition for it). It is like you have tamed the fire to be a mere toying in your hand; the thrill of the smoke oozing out of the system is as special as your first kiss (especially if you manage to do it without coughing in your first drag). It is a victorious feeling that is unparalleled to any feat. And in the process you do not really care for the air around or the lungs or whatever that really burns up!Our pious pledge to stop smoking crumbles into the trash and we formulate a new philosophy to suit our changing needs. It is our best buddy in time of need – no back biting, better than the girlfriends (as it comes sans rules and tantrums), a stress buster and a reliable social companion. But what does not hit the head is that one should not always consider me, myself and I alone…other people need to be given a thought too…what’s more harmful is the secondary smoke that passes the people around pushing venomous gas into their nostrils without a choice …well did I mention too often that you must stop smoking?For more information visit: SmokeDeter

Stop Smoking Help Yourself!

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

What the article here goes to prove is the stop smoking help needs to come from the smoker itself. Quitting seems to be literally impossible. While people discuss quitting and taking stop smoking help the cigarettes do the talking. “Not now. There are other important things, so probably after a few weeks.” And this trend goes on for a never arriving d-day. It’s more or less like the cigarettes write the script and the smokers learn their lines. The halo of good health comes from attempting a stop smoking help but is blasphemized by the fiery red devil in the form of tobacco rolled in paper with ‘a fire at one end and a fool at the other.’Initiatives like legalizing smoke, imposing punitive for smoking in public places, making it mandatory for 70 percent of the cigarette packet area to contain the statutory warning, reducing the nicotine content and added to all these, a few more heavy duty propositions by the governing bodies of all countries will go a long way in sending the habit into thin air. Opinions, as always, have been divided. One huge part of the population is gravely addicted while another huge lot is on its way. Even a simple suggestion of asking them to take a stop smoking help will seem like a long address to them. The restrictions by the ruling authorities in some countries could not do much because the restriction rebounded to only increase the practice in private places or the smoking zones so as to compensate for not smoking in public places. The presumption that smoking gives a “so called cool look” still prevails. This immature attitude in fact encourages pre-teens to go for it. Picking influence from movies, television and other sources is multiplying those joining in the habit. Regulars to clubs, parties, and other socials are the first ones to pick up the habit. However lenient or severe precincts or more bans may be, but only play a negligible part in totally giving a stop smoking help and pushing away the product. The major or vital contribution should come from the smokers themselves as exercising self control and accepting any form of stop smoking help for curbing the habit is much harder than just following a set of rules. Hence the decision on the fate and date of the last puff rests with the smoker himself!For more information visit: SmokeDeter

Looking for an Easy Way to Stop Smoking? Take it easy!

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

Looking for an Easy Way to Stop Smoking? Take it easy!Social attitudes towards smoking have changed dramatically in the civilized countries for the past few years. All smokers are aware of these and are continuously looking for easy way to stop sm oking, just like you! Smokers are thinning out gradually to become a lonely minority and they know that their habit is harming more people than just themselves thanks to passive smoke. Nearly all of them would want to have an easy way to stop smoking but it’s a rare thing to find someone have a strong will to quit smoking in one stroke and not slowly and steadily.What runs next is a list of effective but easy jobs to scrub off the habit. Remember the important ones and write down all of them. They can be hung on the facing wall of your room or put in the draw of your work station at office or home that you open more often. The important thing for all of them is to have patience – plenty of it. In addition, it is also important to consider them as ‘cool’ now and thus a change in attitude will be required as the base for all. It acts as a fertile ground for any habit to be shed – change in attitude and point of view. You will now be amazed to see so many easy ways to stop smoking. Throw away all cigarettes that are now handy to you, all lighters, match boxes and ash-trays. Drink lots of water, fruit juices, herbal teas or any other beverage that is not aerated in plenty. Keep yourself busy most of the time – occupy yourself in watching television or a movie everyday or completing house chores, talking to friends or colleagues more often, finding part-time work if unemployed and participating in voluntary work, joining church and helping there, etc. Play with something like a pencil or a pen in hand. Eat several small meals. If in spite of the above practices, when the urge to smoke hits, take deep breaths and hold for a few seconds. In fact regular pranayama (a particular posture of yoga) helps smokers discover an easy way to stop smoking. After loyally following these routines, you will begin to feel better, look better by day and be surprised how simple it was to do something that you thought was insurmountable. Yes, there is an easy way to stop smoking- it begins by taking it easyFor more information visit: SmokeDeter

How to Stop Smoking in a Second

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

Cold turkey, stop smoking classes, nicotine patches, nicotine gums- people have been trying to help these smokers quit their habit and change their lifestyles. There are few that truly know how to stop smoking. But are these alternative solutions really effective? Do they even work at all? These regimens may all seem relative to many because success can be defined by thousands of standards.In the real setting, these quit smoking programs are considered to be having minimal effect on the people that signed up for it. In another perspective though, it does not necessarily mean that they should be snubbed and not tried at all. A smoker’s main mentor in order for him to quit his smoking habits is none other than himself. Unless he tells himself that he can do it and that he will stick to his regimen, nobody else can help him. The success of any treatment depends on the person involved. There are those who say that smoking is an addiction and that it is a hard habit to break. But as said earlier, the smoker should be the one to decide whether or not he would quit. His confidence regarding this matter is the main stepping stone of the whole treatment. Once he makes a firm decision that he will commit himself to quitting then he won’t have such a hard time when the program starts. The main ingredient of cigarettes is nicotine which is a chemical that elevates the person’s mood, lessens the user’s anxiety and makes the person more alert. But like every abused substance, too much would cause the user’s bodily functions to be altered. If addiction occurs, quitting will be a problem and withdrawal symptoms will occur. Their brain would crave for nicotine and cause irritability and his focus of concentration would be hard to establish. This is why a smoker’s firm resolve to quit is essential in any program that he enlists in. There are a lot of groups and courses of treatment that would help a smoker to quit. Some may cost you nothing at all while some will squeeze your wallet dry. Expensive programs do not assure total renouncement of the smoking habit. It depends on the smoker and if the treatment plan is well suited for him. Always check out the program before signing up for it to get the most of your time and money. Ask yourself if you see its courses beneficial to you and if the programs suits you well. Check for the staff’s credentials to determine if they are well trained and qualified. Just remember that if you see a program promising you everything that you wanted to hear and you think that it is too good to be true, then it probably is and search for another program.For more information visit: SmokeDeter

Find smoking buddies to discuss how to quit smoking!

February 7, 2012 in Frontpage

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