What Is The Best Way To Quit Smoking

February 12, 2012 in BottomPage

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What Is The Best Way To Quit Smoking?The moment you decide that smoking is no more your cup of tea, the first thing you would search for would be the best way to quit smoking. How do you find what this best way to quit smoking is? Does it really exist or is this only a myth? Finding The Right AnswerIn order to find the right answer, you would need to ask the right questions. Here, you are asking the wrong questions and therefore you would never get what you seek. The question you should ask is, ‘Is this the right thing to search for?’. This is because the best way to quit smoking is a relative term – ‘one man’s poison can be another man’s nectar’. The best cannot be ‘best’ for everyone. Hence, you need to find out what is your individual best way to quit smoking. There is a great difference between searching the best way in general and the best way for yourself. Know The DifferenceWhen you look for the best way in general – you would look at the following factors:1. Market response – this would tell you how the product/ service is treated by the market. Its popularity and demand would be good indicators of whether it considered the best or not.2. Cost – the best way to quit smoking would be cost efficient. There are many methods that involve a lot of expense. Since this is not a medical condition covered by insurance, the cost factor is important.3. High rate of success – the best way to quit smoking should have a very high rate of success. After all, you are undertaking a lot of trouble to see that you stop smoking and your efforts should be fruitful. Drawing parallel lines check out what the best way to quit smoking should mean to you personally:1. Your response – how comfortable you are with the method? Do you hate needles – then acupuncture (however effective) cannot be your best way to quit smoking. Here, your personal preference takes precedence over what the market in general thinks about the particular method.2. Cost – some people feel that the right cost is when you get value for your money. Hence, if you pay US $10 for something that is actually valued at US $1 you the product or service is expensive and vice-versa. This applies to emotional cost as well. Therefore, what some people would find expensive, other would find acceptable. 3. Rate of success – the best way to quit smoking is the one that would give you the best chance to succeed. This would depend on what you find suitable enough to follow and stick to.For more information visit: SmokeDeter

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